6400 ZFS smart compression

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Saso Kiselkov

ZFS smart compression is a feature developed at Nexenta that automatically tracks per-file compression ratios and disables compression if a file is consistently getting too low a compression ratio to warrant further attempts compressing it. The will periodically recheck its previous conclusions about the (in)compressibility of a file using a progressive weighting algorithm. The more compression succeeds, the more hesitant the algorithm is to stop attempting it in case a short incompressible transient is encountered and conversely, the more compression attempts fail, the less frequent the algorithm rechecks (up to some meaningful limits).

Been tested in Nexenta's internal QA for the past month.


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Changing the default seems a little bold to me, if this can cause reduced compression ratio in some circumstances. What ... Matthew Ahrens Matthew Ahrens
Did you consider implementing the smartcomp stuff at the DMU layer, rather than the ZPL? It seems like that might ... Matthew Ahrens Matthew Ahrens
Saso Kiselkov
Saso Kiselkov
Saso Kiselkov
Matthew Ahrens
Saso Kiselkov
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